Dalmia Insta Pro is a specially designed Ordinary Portland Cement with a unique blend of special additives for preparation of solid blocks , hollow blocks , paver blocks & various other pre-cast items. It is a culmination of our strong R&D efforts combined with over 80 years of experience in serving customers with unique solutions.

The Dalmia Insta Pro Promise

Faster Setting Time

Premium OPC Cement with lower setting-time (Max. 100 minutes-initial setting-time), helps in reducing brick-lifting time and increases the efficiency of manufacturing units.

More Blocks Per Bag

High-fineness (355 m2/kg) combined with optimum particle-size distribution provides more cement by volume per bag and a higher surface-area, resulting in higher-yield of blocks.

Superior Strength

Higher 1 day, 7days and 28 days compressive-strength helps in delivering a smoother finish, sharpener and stronger edge to the blocks.


Usage Guidelines for Best Results

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The concrete mix used for blocks should not be richer than one part by volume cement to 6 parts by volume of combined aggregates before mixing.

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All the proportioned ingredients including water in the concrete mixer should be mixed for atleast 1 ½ minutes. This prepared mix is to be used within approximately 30 mintues.

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Compaction expels entrapped air and increases the density of blocks, which ultimately makes it stronger. However, over-vibration causes segregation.

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Curing plays an important role in strength development. A longer curing period results in better strength of the blocks.

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A drying period of 7-15 days will bring the blocks to an ideal degree of dryness to complete their initial shrinkage. After which, they will be ready for construction.