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5 integrated plants with cane crushing capacity of 35500 TCD and sugar production capacity of 700,000 MTs per annum

Dalmia Bharat Group is one of the leading producers of sugar in Uttar Pradesh. It has three integrated plants with a total cane crushing capacity of 35500 TCD (Tons crushed per day) and sugar production capacity of 700,000 MTs per annum.

By employing world-class sugar production technology, it produces superior quality plantation white cane sugar of various grades which has found wide market acceptance.

It is a major producer of green power in the sugar industry. The integrated sugar plants also have a capacity to produce 118 MW of bagasse-based power of which around 60 MW is exported to the grid.

The company also has wind farms of 16.5 MW capacity located in Tamil Nadu. It produces green fuels and has ethanol capacity of 240 KLPD (kilo liters per day). It also has the facility to produce organic fertiliser (bio-compost).


Dalmia Bharat Group’s foray into sugar business was made in mid-nineties. With a total capacity of 35500 TCD, it has at present five sugar units of which three are located in the largest sugar producing state of Uttar Pradesh and two are in Maharashtra. It is the only company in India to have manufacturing facilities in two non-contiguous states in India.

The company produces Refined Sugar (Sulphurless) & Double Sulphitation Sugars which are graded according to size and colour of sugar. M-grade of sugar which is most popular in northern state, is manufactured at all its sugar units. The company also makes some quantities of L-grade which is much bolder grain sugar and is very popular in states of Haryana and Punjab. It also caters S-grade sugar catering to industrial customers.

Its quality standards are approved by the likes of Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Mondelez & Perfetti amongst many other FMCG companies.

Being one of the leading sugar manufacturers, it also has capabilities of manufacturing raw sugar on demand. It also specialises in customised packaging for exporters.


Dalmia Sanjeevani Hand Sanitiser

To meet the growing demand of hand sanitisers due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, DBSIL is manufacturing alcohol-based hand sanitisers as per the WHO recommended formulation. Dalmia Sanjeevani Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol-based sanitiser containing 80% ethyl alcohol content which is very effective against viruses.

Ingredients of Dalmia Sanjeevani Hand Sanitiser:
● Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol): 80% v/v
● Glycerol: 1.45% v/v
● Hydrogen Peroxide: 0.125% v/v
● Sterile Distilled Water: 18.425% v/v

It is manufactured by Distillery Unit – Sitapur (UP), Distillery Unit – Shahjahanpur (UP) and Distillery Unit – Kolhapur (Maharashtra).

Dalmia Utsav – A Range of Superior Quality Cane Sugar

With a vision to expand its reach to the consumers, Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Limited (DBSIL) has  launched its packaged sugar under the brand name “Dalmia Utsav”.‘Dalmia Utsav’ signifies “Celebrating Purity” and DBSIL aims to provide high-quality sugar to consumers by using a world-class and eco-friendly production process in line with Dalmia Bharat Group’s commitment towards Quality and Sustainability.

Its mission is to achieve sustainable sugar production creating value for farmers, consumers and our business partners.

It has launched Sulphur Free White Crystal Sugar & Natural Brown Sugar in branded packets & sachets and the production is being done at Nigohi Unit of DBSIL in Uttar Pradesh which has undergone up-gradations such as:

  • Setting up of latest Ion Exchange Facility for better quality/sulphur free sugar grain.
  • The company has also commissioned a state-of-the-art integrated production line for branded/specialized sugar.

Dalmia Utsav Honey

Dalmia Utsav Honey is a sweet addition to Dalmia Bharat Sugar Industry Ltd.’s 25 year-old legacy of adding natural sweetness to people’s lives.

Every batch of honey is:
● Responsibly sourced from some of the best apiaries in India
● NMR tested from Germany to give 100% unadulterated, hygienic and pure honey

It is full of multiple health benefits such as strengthening immunity, boosting memory, etc. Dalmia Utsav Honey not only gives consumers countless ways to enhance their well-being, but, it’s transparent production process also gives them the mental assurance of choosing the best for themselves and their loved ones.

Be it a refreshing morning drink, delectable dessert or a fancy meal, Dalmia Utsav Honey always ensures to carry forward the legacy of celebrating purity with, ‘Vaade Sacche Shahad ka Bharosa Dalmia ka’.

Power Business

Dalmia Sugar and Industries Limited has an integrated business model to de-risk itself from the cyclical nature of the sugar industry. Bagasse, a residue left after the extraction of juice from sugarcane, has high calorific value and is used in the generation of electricity, substituting the conventional thermal alternatives and eliminating the emission of greenhouse gases.

Presently, the sugar mills at DBSIL generate power requirements from bagasse-fired boilers. The Government of India also encourages the co-generation of power from bagasse. This helps in achieving an improved return for integrated sugar mills on one hand and the generation of green power on the other, bridging the demand-supply gap of power in India.

We are –

● Generating 100% sustainable green power
● Operating a state-of-art plan with cutting edge technology
● Servicing the nation towards sustainable environment with 100% clean and renewable power

DBSIL has been committed to becoming sustainable with respect to its energy requirements through the use of alternate energy. This has resulted in the creation of clean and renewable energy i.e. 118 MW co-generation capacity at all its location, which helps in the running of the DBSIL production units completely on renewable source of power at all the plants.

Simultaneously, DBSIL is also running all distilleries with power generated from state-of-art waste to power incineration technology. Nearly 30% of the total power generated is consumed captively and the rest is exported to the state electricity grid. The utility of the division lies in revenue visibility derived from long-term power purchase agreements with respective utilities while fulfilling the renewable purchase obligation.

All the co-generation plants are equipped with cutting-edge technology such as high-pressure boilers, which help in optimising power generation per metric tonne of cane.

In line with the sustainability goals, DBSIL has also started the ‘green power business’ and thereby built two wind farms at Muppandal in Kanyakumari District and T. Karungulam in Tirunelveli District. A total of 16.525MW power is generated by 53 Wind Mills and is sold to the Tamil Nadu electricity grid. This initiative further displays DBSIL’s commitment to a sustainable and green future.


Molasses is distilled to produce different kinds of alcohol and our company produces various types of alcohol:

Rectified spirit (RS)– It is highly concentrated ethanol which has been purified by means of repeated distillation, a process that is called rectification. It typically contains 95% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is used in making potable liquor.

Extra neutral alcohol (ENA)/Hydrous Alcohol – The potable alcohol is a triple distilled alcohol with negligible impurities to be used in the high cosmetic industry, perfumeries as well as for the production of high end IMFL.

Ethanol or Anhydrous Ethanol: The company is also manufacturing fuel grade alcohol which is used in blending with petrol. The alcohol is sold to oil companies under tender system floated every year by them. As per the current policy, the Government Of India has given a mandate to achieve blending of 20% anhydrous ethanol in Petrol by 2030.

Denatured spirit (SDS) – It is an unpalatable form of alcohol. Denatured alcohol is used as a solvent, by chemical industries for making polymers and as fuel for spirit burners and camping stoves.

Organic Manure

The main customers of organic manure for DBSIL are farmers and tea estates. Its bio-composting facility can produce about 20,000 MT of organic manure per annum. It has an in-house availability of press mud, which is key raw material, from our own sugar factories. This allows for smooth production of good quality organic manure.